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Barcode + Sound: Traces of Invisible Codes
(Sculptural and audio installation)

Faint Sound:


Sculptural - Thousands of barcodes from discarded product packages I have encountered within one year of time; rewired series of mini speakers, spot lights; cast shadows; industrial meshes; metal rods; safty pins; metal eyelets; custom sizes of Ziploc bags.

Audio - The faint beeping sound was recorded in real situations while the barcodes were being laser scanned. The sound was adjusted and edited digitally afterward so that each searies of sound is in various rhythms, pitches, and volumes. When 3 channels of sound randomly play at the same time, an interweaving audio effect is generated. (The sound is faint and subtle to a degree in between awareness and unawareness of human.)

Artist Statment: Click here

Exhibition venues:
- ARC Gallery (Chicago), 2006
- A Space (Toronto), 2006
- Northcutt Steele Gallery, Montana State University, 2008
- Kinetic Gallery, SUNY Geneseo, 2009
- Ross Creek Centre for the Arts (Nova Scotia), 2009