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The works focus on my conceptual investigation of the possibilities and potential of everyday mundane unwanted objects and abandoned materials--those generally considered as waste, debris, junk or remains--especially those that have already lost their original functions or appearances, are aged, being ignored and are ready to be discarded. Witnessing the absurd process of being used to being devalued and destroyed, I try to redefine the meaning of their existence, transcend and/or transform their images through art production. They were re-functioned and re-identified as art materials or part of the artwork. It suggests a sense of renewal and reincarnation, and celebrates the innate qualities of the material.

Most of the works are constructions on the physical properties and structural capabilities of a single accumulated unwanted object or material found in the household--expired ramen noodles, barcodes from discarded product packages, plastic grocery bags, cassette tapes, unwanted toys and other materials. Each work carries the conceptual process I went through and addresses specific issues.