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Embodied Terrain: I'm Chinese But Need To Speak English Everyday.
(Public Intervention / Macro photography)

"I'm Chinese but need to speak English everyday" is a statement of my inner irreconcilable conflict that I want to express to others anonymously. I published this by secretly placing tiny text in various specific obscure locations where viewers’ everyday conscious activities are enacted (e.g. pressing the traffic light button, pulling the panel at the street mail box, inserting coins into a newspaper machine, etc.), and at those transient actions and moments, their attentions are abruptly drawn to my statement. Such discreet ways of conveying messages initiates viewer’s curiosity and an internal interaction are triggered and leads to a form of linear communication.



Exhibition venues :
- Gallery Gachet (Vancouver), 2007
- Front Gallery (Oakland, California), 2007
- Distracted by Abstraction, St. Catharines City Hall, 2008