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Plastic Jungle (Installation)

Everytime I buy things, especially from grocery stores, I'd be given some plastic bags for my purchases. Plastic bags have become an icon in the global consumer culture. Over just a few years, I have collected countless plastic bags. I recycled the excess bags to make art. The art making process is literally a recycling process in which a transformation takes place. The work sarcastically suggests the environmental consequences of the extravagant use of plastic, that correlates with people's excessive consumption of goods, overwhelming our nature.

Weaved plastic grocery bags with thread and twine, end of each unit is suspended in the mid air.


Exhibition venues:
- Ross Creek Centre for the Arts, Nova Scotia (July 2009)
- Northcutt Steele Gallery, Montana State University (Oct 2008)
- Hin-Shiu Hung Art Gallery, Scaroborough (2008)
- G+ Gallery, Toronto (2007)