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Mae Leong is a Hong Kong born, Canada and U.S. based multidisciplinary artist working with diverse media ranging from installation, 3D object, sound, drawing/painting, photography/video, and web journal, exploring different contemporary issues including migration/displacement, consumerism, globalization, and recycling. Her artistic endeavors are developed from her investigations on visible and invisible marks, everyday objects and sounds, human custom and behaviours. The work is embeded with her world views and addresses her concerns of everyday living.

Leong’s research projects are currently supported by Ontario Arts Coucil (OAC) through the Visual Artist's Grant program. Her recent work has been presented at Montana State University, Gallery Gachet (Vancouver), A Space (Toronto), Front Gallery (Oakland, California), Kaohsing Pier 2 (Taiwan), and Ox Warehouse (Macau, China).

Her painting series has been featured in The Globe and Mail and Hamilton Spectator, among others, and is currently represented by Gallery at 129 Ossington in Toronto, Jordan Art Gallery (guest artist), and Shop at Art Gallery of Hamilton. The artist also works as a freelance photoceramist.

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